Online School Chess Club Membership

Please register your children for our Online School Chess Club Membership, which just launched in April 2020.

It consists of 30 minutes coaching where we will explain modern chess concepts, provide exercises, and Q&As all via our on-screen video.

Students will also be sent assignments to complete at home for us to analyse later.

Our services

Coaching in Schools

LearnChess can provide coaching for any school pupil in a classroom style setting or appropriate meeting space.
Our fully trained team will undertake the supervision of all school children at: Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Clubs.

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Team Engagement Days

Ever thought of providing your employees, or entire team with a completely different type of Team Building Day? Something that is safe, affordable, challenging and geared to sharpening everyone’s minds? At LearnChess we offer a unique tailor-made and thought provoking service for companies.

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Personal Coaching

At ‘LearnChess’ we actually provide real-time chess lessons, anywhere in the world.

Many people have been taught how to play when they were younger, normally by a family member, or friend, but in many cases, incorrectly. That is where we come in.

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More on our services

What other services do we provide?

A game from 5 to 100 years

Anyone, anywhere can get involved with the mind-sport of chess.

Teacher Support

We are happy to help you set-up your own chess clubs and can offer great value coaches to help you build expertise in your school. Our specialist trainers will be happy to work to your specifications, supporting every move you make along the way; allowing for the smooth running of your own school chess club, while empowering you with all our knowledge! Please use the contact us feature on this website to discuss your requirements. – There is no fee for talking with us!

Independent Living & Social Groups

LearnChess provides on-site lessons to independent living environments and social groups. Enjoy the experience of chess training…

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About us

Born in 2014, LearnChess Ltd was the brainchild of former teacher Julian Squiers. Its initial aim was to offer the opportunity for school children to develop their performance levels and tactical skills by playing the mind-sport of chess. Three years on, the company has firmly established itself in several schools across the South East of England, delivering quality coaching to over 300+ pupils. With a rapidly expanding business model and new interest from other parties, LearnChess is now working with independent living centres, companies, social groups and individuals, who together are being shown the incredible difference chess can make for everyone.

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Coaching Network

The nature of our work and the service we provide means we are a people’s business first and foremost. LearnChess Ltd take full responsibility for training and vetting every new coach, assistant, and general trainee, to ensure they are ready to take on the challenges of working in specialist and sensitive environments. In short, all of our coaches are fully DBS checked and are high-level chess players themselves.

Working across such a broad spectrum, we expect every LearnChess team member to fulfil our criteria of not only being able to teach with knowledge, but instinctively follow the guidelines we set out for ensuring our client’s safety at all times.

Coaching is not about talking jargon and blinding people with opening theory, middle game tactics and end game analysis, this level comes when our students learn what they’re actually trying to achieve.  We coach people to walk, then run and if you are already running a bit, then we will show you the more complex theories – but again, only when you’re ready.

Thanks to our contacts in the chess world, we are also able to visit anywhere, anytime and set up chess clubs or groups to put your school or establishment on the ‘chess map’, with appropriately qualified coaches that really know what they’re talking about, and know how to teach with fully interactive tools and all the necessary equipment.

If you or a member of your team would like to find out more about LearnChess or wish to book a pilot session, and see the difference for yourself, please fill in our ‘contact form’ and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our team

Where we work

We actively work across the SouthEast of England, supporting and running clubs and events in schools, offices (as part of team engagement days), social groups, independent living establishments as well as individual training sessions. Therefore we cater for everyone! The benefits of playing chess are well known.

Latest news

A Chess Knightmare! Can you solve it?

White to play, can you find the correct sequence? One of the funniest and coolest puzzles we’ve ever seen! Created on August 1951 by Bodo Van Dehn.  

LearnChess Ltd are delighted to announce….

The first stage of the website is now completed and we have commenced on a fully integrated second stage for members….   Come back soon and take another look around.

Let us know what you think….

New site, new start and we’re going to have lots of fun along the way. Over the next few months we will be implementing various updates, so please comment or shout if you do or do not like what you see…. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Who are we?

LearnChess offers the opportunity for everyone, everywhere, to develop their performance levels and skills by playing chess

Operating in many schools across the SouthEast of England, we deliver quality coaching to over 300+ students and are aiming to expand our business model by approaching forward-thinking companies and everyday people who together are being shown the incredible difference this has made to the young minds of the children in schools where we teach

 Operates both online and face-2-face teaching programmes

 Coaching system we use has been created by published author and International Chess Master, Mike Basman

 We train small, medium and large groups of all ages

 Every one of our coaches is a regular club player, with county experience and competitive success in national competitions

Current Statistics

People we are training in schools and Home Education groups
Number of on-line training courses (inc. SKYPE)
Number of affiliated coaches to LearnChess
Number of languages spoken       (No we are not joking!)

What our Clients Say

Talking about LearnChess’s support of a School’s Chess club…

It’s really fun and you learn to play chess properly and against people of all abilities.

Oliver O. School Child

Thank you very much for working with our daughter and enriching her skills. She really enjoyed her lessons with your team!

Nilaya E. Parent

I wanted to say thank you for the help and encouragement you have given to D.; He has really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. I’m sure it has given him a love of the game which will carry on in the future.

Claire M. Parent