Coaching in Schools

LearnChess can provide coaching for any school pupil in a classroom style setting or appropriate meeting space.
Our fully trained team will undertake the supervision of all school children at: Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Clubs.

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Team Engagement Days

Ever thought of providing your employees, or entire team with a completely different type of Team Building Day? Something that is safe, affordable, challenging and geared to sharpening everyone’s minds? At LearnChess we offer a unique tailor-made and thought provoking service for companies.

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A game from 5 to 100 years

Anyone, anywhere can get involved with the mind-sport of chess.

Teacher Support

We are happy to help you set-up your own chess clubs and can offer great value coaches to help you build expertise in your school. Our specialist trainers will be happy to work to your specifications, supporting every move you make along the way; allowing for the smooth running of your own school chess club, while empowering you with all our knowledge! Please use the contact us feature on this website to discuss your requirements. – There is no fee for talking with us!

Independent Living & Social Groups

LearnChess provides on-site lessons to independent living environments and social groups. Enjoy the experience of chess training…

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Personal Coaching

At ‘LearnChess’ we actually provide real-time chess lessons, anywhere in the world.

Many people have been taught how to play when they were younger, normally by a family member, or friend, but in many cases, incorrectly. That is where we come in.

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