LearnChess can provide coaching for any school pupil in a classroom style setting or appropriate meeting space.

Our fully trained team will undertake the supervision of all school children at: Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Clubs. We also specialise in School Enrichment Days and One-Off coaching sessions for particular groups of children as and when desired.

This year sees the introduction of our On-Line Championship, which will be played between children in participating schools, enabling every pupil to play outside of their school, but without having to travel to different locations. This new service will be monitored regularly to ensure there is no foul play and to help students practice between sessions, making them more match fit for classroom lessons.

All LearnChess Members will have access to this area of the website 24/7 and will be able to make new friends in different schools while being able to improve their own playing standards. Every student will also have the opportunity of qualifying to play one of our top coaches in a timed handicap game where a win or draw will see them rewarded for their hard work.

Join the success of other local schools by empowering the minds of your students with a fully interactive LearnChess experience.