Maxi Garnero

Head Coach & Trainer

Max played chess for many years as a child, but fully realised the power of the game only 5 years ago, when a couple of his friends (Ramiro and Ezequiel – to whom he is eternally grateful) reintroduced him into the world of chess as an adult.

By studying hard, Max has improved his chess techniques and analytical skills. Furthermore, he has developed his ability to plan, calculate, initiate goals and focus on achieving targets. In Max’s own words, ‘I discovered for myself that learning chess is an amazing way to develop all these skills and MORE!’

Joining the county chess league three years ago, Max has played in many tournament matches, serving the team’s he has played with many wins, helping them to secure important positions in competitions. He has also competed in several congress tournaments, performing well against serious opposition, and using this experience to develop his unique coaching methods.

Overall, chess has literally helped Max take important life-changing decisions, such as moving to the UK, learning a new language, meeting new people; and most importantly, teaching this fascinating and incredible game to help others to think outside the box.

It is most likely, upon meeting Max, that you will also realise why chess is such an amazing and mind blowing game to play. Being coached by him is not only fun, but a truly energetic, thought provoking and memorable experience; leaving you feeling energised, focused and able to tackle anything.

LearnChess has recognised Max’s natural ability to engage with his audiences, and with this deep understanding of chess and years of studying thousands of positions, he has adapted his coaching methods to enable everyday people to learn the game in a simple and easy to understand fashion.