Ever thought of providing your employees, or entire team with a completely different type of Team Building Day? Something that is safe, affordable, challenging and geared to sharpening everyone’s minds? At LearnChess we offer a unique tailor-made and thought provoking service for companies. Employing interactive and traditional tools to help your team learn quickly, our team translates chess theory into company strategy, deliberately built around identifying new ways to do business. LearnChess chess training will help individuals sharpen their mind-set for challenging everyday problems with solutions. We help companies think outside the box with a different level of thinking which is gained through learning how to play chess.

During our training sessions, we instil the process of creating new business by introducing chess methodology into a workplace setting, equipped to developing a unique system which everyone can use effectively when questioning how to direct the company’s products / services to the target market, prior to applying positively in real-life scenarios. Additionally, we also study each business from the point of view of a ‘company family tree’ which is continually growing, and import these methods into a future vision for the progression of the organisation – using an opening, middle and end game strategy for every single transaction, all of which is fully endorsed by a published author and acclaimed International Chess Master.

Using our skills-sets, we pass on our chess knowledge to allow every member of a team to build an understanding for the game, and by doing so, the overall ability for each department to utilise this planning and forward-thinking system in every area of the business. Our aim is to help businesses deliver strategies and results that work consistently, add value for clientele (ROI), while generating increased market share and yield within competitive environments. If your company wants to break the boundaries and challenge conventional methods with our initiatives, please contact the LearnChess team to arrange a meeting – we could surprise you.