About us

Born in 2014, LearnChess Ltd was the brainchild of former teacher Julian Squiers. Its initial aim was to offer the opportunity for school children to develop their performance levels and tactical skills by playing the mind-sport of chess. Three years on, the company has firmly established itself in several schools across the South East of England, delivering quality coaching to over 300+ pupils. With a rapidly expanding business model and new interest from other parties, LearnChess is now working with independent living centres, companies, social groups and individuals, who together are being shown the incredible difference chess can make for everyone.

The company currently operates on a face-2-face and internet basis across the SouthEast of England, with further interactive web-based training open to Everyone, Everywhere. Each activity is supported by a unique teaching system, fully endorsed and written by published author and acclaimed International Chess Master, Mike Basman.

Harnessing the power of modern technology and a network of highly trained club and county coaches, we use an interactive on-screen system to demonstrate how to play, while traditional over-the-board sets are used to allow everyone the time to learn by moving the actual pieces; providing a dedicated coaching service for individuals and larger groups by first teaching the basic techniques and then, as students develop, the more complicated strategic moves – all designed to help everybody develop into club players, or purely for the enjoyment of learning a new pastime.

Finally, client’s safety is our top priority. Each of our coaches are DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) registered and undergo regular CRB checks. Please note: any child having one-to-one coaching via Skype must have a parent present within the house.

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